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Feeding and Weight

Thursday 13 February
Owen James born 10.16 am by emergency caesarean, and weighing 9lb 6oz (4.246kg).
Saturday 15 February
Having trouble breast feeding.
Sunday 16 February
Weight 8lb 8oz. He is bottle fed SMA Milk 60 ml every 3 hours.
Wednesday 19 February
Weight 8 lb 15 oz. Feeding 90 ml SMA Milk every 4 hours
Saturday 22 February
Weight 9 lb +1 oz in 4 days
Wednesday 26 February
Weight 9 lb 5 oz +5 oz in 4 days Feeding 120 ml SMA Milk every 4 hours
Monday 3 March
Weight 4.250 kg, 9 lb 6 oz +1 oz in 5 days Feeding 90 ml SMA Milk every 4 hours
Monday 10 March
Weight 4.45 kg, 9 lb 13 oz +7 oz in 7 days
Monday 17 March & Tuesday 18 March
Nic and Owen had overnight stay in Guys Hospital. Dietician recommended Infatrini milk, a concentrated milk supplied ready made in 100 ml bottles by prescription. Taking 120 ml every 4 hours.
Thursday 24 March
Weight 4.80 kg, 10 lb 8 oz +11 oz in 17 days. Doesn’t seem too keen on feeding and taking under 100ml each feed.
Friday 28 March
Length 58 cm. First time he has been measured
Thursday 3 April
Weight 4.75 kg, 10 lb 7½ oz –½ oz in 7 days
Thursday 10 April
Weight 4.78 kg, 10 lb 8 oz +½ oz in 7 days
Monday 14 April
Weight 4.8 kg, 10 lb 9 oz +1 oz in 4 days
Tuesday 15 April
Length 60.2 cm
Thursday 24 April
Weight 4.9 kg, 10 lb 11½ oz +2½ oz in 10 days
Thursday 1 May
Weight 4.85 kg, 10 lb 10 oz –1 ½ oz in 7 days
Wednesday 7 May
Weight 4.80 kg, 10 lb 9 oz –1 oz in 6 days
Monday 12 May
Weight 4.9 kg, 10 lb 13 oz +4 oz in 5 days
Monday 19 May
Weight 4.9 kg, 10 lb 13 oz same as 7 days ago
At 3 months old Owen has only put on 1 lb 5 oz. It is a bit of a battle to feed him, and although he is keen at first to drink after a while he will just push the teat out with his tongue. He usually only takes about 350 ml a day, average 60 ml each feed. He will occasionally have a little baby rice but he is not too keen on that.
Tuesday 27 May
Length 62 cm +4 cm in 2 months
Wednesday 28 May
Feeding tube fitted.
Thursday 29 May
Weight 4.85 kg, 10 lb 11 oz –2 oz in 10 days
Tube taken out as it was causing Owen a lot of distress.
Monday 2 June
Weight 4.9 kg, 10 lb 13 oz +2 oz in 4 days
Tuesday 3 June
Silk tube fitted through nose down to stomach which is thinner and more flexible than the other one. It is inserted with a wire inside, which is then taken out, or put in the freezer for 20 minutes beforehand. He was not too keen at first but quietened down later.
Visited dietician at East Grinstead Hospital. She said should be feeding 120ml each feed, agreed 90ml 5 times a day.
Saturday 7 June
Getting used to feeding with a tube which is quite simple although at first it would be useful to have 3 hands. First to make sure the tube is still in the stomach we draw off some fluid which when put on litmus paper the acid turns the paper pink. Then we usually put 5ml of warm boiled water into the syringe which is attached to the tube to ensure it is not blocked. We have trouble with the tube blocking because it is very thin. Then we fill the syringe up with milk, 100ml each feed except the night feed with 80ml, which takes about 15-20 minutes to drip through. We made a stand to hold the syringe which saves us having aching arms and leaves two hands free to comfort Owen if necessary. Finally we put 10ml of warm boiled water through to clear the tube of milk.
Because he has been sick a few times we are worried in case it happens at night, hence less milk at that feed. But he is taking 480 mls a day, 1 feed at night and 4 during the day. He refuses the bottle now, presumably because his tummy is always full up, so we don’t have to ‘demand’ feed him and he is a more contented baby.
Sunday 15 June
Tube feeding better than expected and he is more content, but he has a lot of secretions and also occasionally sick.
Tuesday 17 June
Weight 11 lb 1 oz +4 oz in 15 days
We are having to suction Owen much more, about 6 times a day, often before feeding. Luckily he doesn’t have this problem during the night
Tuesday 23 June
Weight 11 lb 4 oz +3 oz in 7 days
Tube feeding going ok and hasn’t stopped Nic going out as it is easy to feed at other houses although she has not tried whilst out in public places.
Thursday 26 June
Secretions worse, causing sickness after feeds and having to suction him regularly during the day. He has been given medicine today to help the secretions and to stop the sickness.
Saturday 28 June
We used the pump at night for the first time but as Owen woke every hour as usual it was not very successful.
Monday 30 June
Owen was more sick than usual after breakfast and his secretions were getting worse. The nurse visited and was concerned with his lungs, so we took him to Crawley Hospital. However, the chest x-ray was clear and his heartbeat fine, but he was given antibiotics as a precaution. Nic stayed the night with him.
Tuesday 1 July
Paul brought Nic & Owen home after lunch. His secretions are still bad, the medicine he has been taking since last Thursday has not had any affect yet.
Wednesday 2 July
During the night Owen’s breathing was very noisy and he had to be suctioned several times. The doctor visited at 9.00 am on her routine call and arranged another visit next week. Whilst giving Owen his feed he fell asleep.
At 10.37 am Owen passed away. He was 19 weeks, 6 days old.